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There are many things that you can do for yourself and for others as part of enjoying life. One of those things I enjoy is giving gifts to the people I care about that leave them with a dropped jaw, a huge smile, and their minds blown — in a good way.

Here are a few of the most valuable lessons I have learned about gifting for those important, special people in your life that will leave a lasting impression. I’ll walk you through one such gift, to a “Ms. X.”

Ms. X and I were coursemates at a private…

Lights! Camera! Sound Design! Duncan Soo (leftmost) making sure the sound is just right.

The sound design in games has an array of awards to acknowledge creativity and excellence. But nobody really peeks behind the metaphorical soundproof curtain to see what goes on back there.

If you want to know how to get your start and succeed in any field, it is extremely insightful to learn how others have navigated their career paths.

This story was first published in In Real Life Malaysia, which features real stories by real Malaysians. It has been featured on “An Injustice” with permission by IRL Malaysia.

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I was studying away from home, and I wanted to gain work experience in a part-time job

Imagine it is 2001, and you’re a young Malaysian 19-year-old boy, studying abroad and away from home for the first time. As is tradition with every university student, you’d start looking for a part-time job.

I saw the sign hanging from a lamppost, looking to hire “Voice actor & Phone operators,” on a part-time basis. I made a note on my Nokia 3310 and called them that afternoon.

My footsteps led me to a seedy and rundown-looking building in what I would later learn was the Red Light District. …

N.B. This interview was first hosted on which has since shut down, and is only hosted here for archival purposes.

Who is Lee Ying Foo? What is Kaigan Games?

I was taking a break at a small coffee shop when I spotted the lead and UI artist from Kaigan Games, LeeYing Foo. I asked her for 30 minutes of her time to ask a few questions about Kaigan Games, what they’re up to and a cause that seems to be close to her heart: — Women In Games. Her work on SIMULACRA demonstrates an incredible level of skill as not only did she create the UI, but also…

Twenty-three-year-old Ciara Cross is a Malaysian Cosplayer who has been part of the local scene for just under a decade, with over a dozen different Cosplays to date. Her first Cosplay was the character Yuuki Cross from Vampire Knight For those who don’t know, Vampire Knight is a Japanese shōjo manga series written by Matsuri Hino that premiered in January 2005 and officially ended in May of 2013. Over her time as a Cosplayer, her favorite Cosplay to date is “Persephone” a Fanart Cosplay based on the illustration by Javi Draws.

Videogames are a billion-dollar industry, (valued at USD138.4 Billion in 2021), with well-known companies such as Electronic Arts, Blizzard, and CD Projekt Red taking center stage.

Compared to them, the Malaysian-made RoundTable Games studio does not even register as a blip on the radar. But this plucky studio consisting of 5 stalwarts has launched their first game: Dying Flame.

The Official Trailer for Dying Flame on Steam!

I happened to find their game on Steam and played it for a few hours. …

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The following is based on a 2018 interview with a Private Military Contractor who worked the frontlines between 2002 and 2008. He worked in Afghanistan and Iraq and was in over 100 separate engagements with enemy combatants. He left the world of war behind in 2009. These are his words. This is his story of why he rejoined in 2019.

It’s been more than eleven years since I held an AK47 Assault Rifle with high-tech aftermarket hardware in my hands, engaged in the TIC (Troops in Combat) on the fringes of the Great Afghan Fuck All. I have not worn…

N.B. The following article first appeared on on February 9th, 2021, and is reposted here for archival purposes only.

Disclaimer: In Real Life is a platform for everyday people to share their experiences and voices. All articles are personal stories and do not necessarily echo In Real Life’s sentiments.

Trigger / Content Warning: BDSM, adult sexual themes. Please read at your own discretion.

Mistress Ava, and a selection of the tools of her particular trade

When I reached out to Mistress Ava, I was pleasantly surprised when she agreed to an interview — albeit on her terms. She was idly stirring her black coffee on a cool rainy morning in Petaling…

N.B. This article was first written and posting on in 2019 and is reposted with permission from the original author.

Malaysian Cosplayer SallyDorasnow has put together a number of fantastic Cosplays over the past four years, with her first Cosplay of Rory Mercury from Gate JieTai being one of her favorites and best ones so far. She has a hard time, however, choosing which one of her cosplays is her favorite, but would probably go with her “Boosette” Cosplay based on the Mario fan art. …

The following article was released on in 2019. The website has been discontinued. This article is reposted here for personal record only.

Phoenix Labs just released their long-awaited title, “Dauntless.” It’s a Free to Play multiplayer game, exclusive to the Epic Games Store in the same vein as the Monster Hunter Franchise by Capcom. People on both sides have said bad things about the other, which raises the interesting question: — Which one should you be hunting in? For this piece, I’ll be taking a look at game features and the gameplay mechanics and systems as the basis to…


I hide from people in real life. Game Designer by day, writer by night, & Gamer in-between, I’m 3 exhausted cats in a trenchcoat pretending to be 1 human.

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